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Bento Cake with custom piped character


Note (3 day lead time)

‘bento’ meaning lunch box, the trendy japanese lunch box cake, perfect for the ‘I don’t want a cake’ person, but cute enough to have anyway, consists of X2 layers of 10cm diameter cake, with a custom piped character as per your specific request.

NB: When choosing a color for your cake, precision matters, especially since colors can vary in shades. If you would like a specific colour and to avoid any ambiguity please specify the exact shade you would like by adding a colour swatch as a reference. Being specific about the color and providing as much detail as possible will help ensure your cake turns out in a similar shade to what you have in mind for your special occasion.

Also keep in mind that replicating colors, especially in food items like cakes, can be challenging, and there may be some variation from what you see on a screen or in a reference image. Factors such as lighting, ingredients, and food coloring can affect the final result.

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Chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache, Vanilla cake, filled with caramel treat


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